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40% OFF! Ultra-light pocket knife that folds completely flat worth Rs.1250.00 for just Rs.750

The Micro Knife 180 is an innovative credit card-shaped knife that converts into a full size pocket knife when it"s needed and into a 2mm thick plastic card that can be stored in your wallet when it"s not. The Micro Knife 180 is made of a polypropylene handle and a 2.5" very sharp blade and weigh in at just 13 grams.

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Despite its small size though the Micro Knife 180 is claimed to cut through just about anything including cardboard vegetables drywall and more And when you"re done using your Micro Knife 180 its waterproof design means that dirt and water will whisk away
Micro Knife 180 bills itself as the modern version of the Swiss Army Knife They say it looks like (and is as thin as) a credit card but when you fold Micro Knife 180 it reveals a 2 5-inch steel blade that cuts through cardboard veggies and more (but hopefully not your finger)
But is Micro Knife 180 really a cut above the rest? Let"s examine their claims and see if it lives up to the hype
This product is primarily aimed at guys who like cool gadgets or the idea of having a knife with them at all times but don"t want something bulky in their pocket They attempt to sell you on its compact size and the fact that it fits into an ordinary wallet To show you how sharp Micro Knife 180 is they cut through the tough skin of an inflated football
How Micro Knife 180 Works
Micro Knife 180 looks like something Batman might have in his utility belt or (more likely) wallet They boast the blade is made from surgical steel is 2 5-inches long and thinner than a nickel When it"s in safe mode Micro Knife 180 is rectangular about the size of a credit card and weighs 13 grams
Then when it"s time to cut some veggies or slash some cardboard unsnap the blade and fold the polypropylene plastic body around the base; this creates a handle for the knife that they say is easy to grip When done they instruct you to return it to safe mode and put back in your wallet or purse for next time They add Micro Knife 180 is waterproof so it won"t rust and can be easily cleaned off with water
Package Contains:
Micro Knife

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