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Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Odor Removal Magic Soap

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Principle : stainless steel with a special polished matte surface friction with the object/ by the action of air and water/ release of the iron ions with the odor molecules binding to achieve the effect of odor removal. 
  • Rubbing the steel soap with ur hands/ running water for around 30-60 seconds. It will remove all kinds of odors/ without any detergent needed.
  • Steel soap wrap with wet towel (or dip half of the steel soap in a bowl with water) it can help to remove refrigerator odor/ or bathroom odor
  • Attention: do not burn it/ do not direct scrub it with tableware.Wrap the steel soap with wet towel then only scrub the tableware or dip half of the steel soap & the tableware in a bowl with water for a period of time/ then use running water to wash without using detergent can remove the odor
  • Adsorption and decomposition of the renovated rooms formaldehyde toxic gas molecules/ dip half of the steel soap in a bowl with water on the decoration of the room help to remove toxic gas
  • Removing the odor of pet Waterloo/ dip half of the steel soap in a bowl with water/ & placed it near to the pet nest.
  • To remove bromhidrosis/ using a wet towel wrap with the steel soap & scrub your body.
  • To remove foot odor/ by using a wet towel to wrap the steel soap & scrub your foot.
  • Can remove most of the medicine taste/ smell of disinfectant/ banknotes taste/ gasoline/ diesel smell odor/ garlic smell/ must be used combine with water.

Package Included 
1x Stainless Steel Soap 
Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Odor Removal Magic Soap